Thursday! April 22! 7:00PM! "Cocktails and Confections: A Long Overdue Partnership" from

Friends, I would be ever so honored if you would join me, and master of cocktails Mick Perrigo of Tincture Co. for Smithsonian Associates presents: "Cocktails and Confections: A Long Overdue Partnership" on April 22, 7:00PM.
We've even secured the gifted Jon Bravo to design a unique, keepsake recipe guide...
This promises to be an evening of drinks, treats, and conviviality, celebrating the sweetness of life, streaming from the exemplary One Eight Distillery in Washington, D.C.!
If you can't join, I would be much obliged if you share the dickens out of the link; we hope they invite us back! Thank you, all!

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