*Looks up* Oh, it's October?

Hi friends.  Been a spell.    Like you, adjusting back into a summer unlike the last one has been wild.  Adjusting the sails, and letting all of you help guide this workshop.  

One of the most gratifying surprises of this year has been the (entirely unplanned) advent of the subscription service.  I never imagined it, much less planned for it, but the subscriptions have taken off, helping to sustain this teeny business, and challenging me creatively, in the best way.  

Each week is different than the last.  No customer has received (I believe) a repeat pastry or confection for the duration of their subscription.  This means each week I need to actively plan a menu that I haven't executed before, which often requires some fancy seasonal footwork, and fervent research.  It's been almost a full year since the subscription service launched, and each household has received a variety of treats each week (or month), whilst honoring each subscribers dietary considerations.  My planning board looks a bit of the "mad scientist" variety, but it works. 

And it's not just me.  Sous chef Harper helps pack the boxes, and her deft hand helps draw and color each depiction of the menus.  It's her job, and she takes it very seriously.  I love that it's something we do together.  She helps deliver, shop, and wrap hundreds of caramels.  She's amazing, and I'm so grateful for her talents.  

It's been the best day of the week, delivery day.  I've never had this creative freedom before.  It's so, so heartening.   Thank you for this opportunity.  

Thank you all, for your never-ending support.  The holidays are fast approaching, and I'll be here for you, starting with a Special Edition Halloween Chocolate Blend, new cocktail-inspired confections, and weekly OR monthly subscription delivery service.  If you want some of that action, reach out to info@chapmansdc.com and I'll send you the info (check that spam folder, I've had a few occasions of lost responses...).

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