Humbled and Grateful

Friends, I just want to take a minute to thank you for the sweetest showing of support I could ever ask for.  From the Grand Opening, the webinar for the Smithsonian, the weekly subscriptions, the cross-country orders, to the local deliveries, you sure do know how to make a gal feel loved.  This is the hardest, best, most gratifying thing I have ever done, and I'm lucky to have you all rootin' for us.  

When I get a minute, I'll be posting new summer offerings, both shippable and local.  Summer is my favorite season to bake with, so much variety and flavor, I want to use it all!  Plums and stonefruit, all the brambles, especially mulberries, anything in the gooseberry family, I can't wait.   All the violas, chamomile, honeysuckle, verbena, melisse, blackberry blossoms, chocolate mint, and sweet pea blossoms from my patio garden, they will tell me how to best use them.  

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