Happy Birthday, Joey Chapman!

The Chapman's logo is a silhouette of my brother Joe when he was about five years old.  The silhouette originally was made out of wood by our father, Tom.  Nor did it have the cap, I added that much later when I had it tattooed on my right hand.  Joe took to wearing caps as he got older, and I have a few of his.  Chapman is our grandfather's middle name, on my mom Maureen's side.  

About the picture:  Joe holding the Future Best Sous Chef ever, Harper at a Tennessee Smokies baseball game, dad testing the beer in the background.  

Tomorrow is Joe's birthday (coincidentally, it's my older brother's birthday as well!  Twins, 14 years apart!  Happy Birthday, Chris!).  We sure do miss you.  I'll make a cake for the lot of you.  

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